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Hoi Taiwanese Reuters in the sporting goods industry faces shrinking domestic situation, this year a lot of matching shoe suppliers to increase the ratio of foreign trade to fighting a world.
Reporters learned that this year, Quanzhou third Mould Co., Ltd. intends to increase the proportion of foreign trade. Currently, third-party market in Brazil, Turkey, Peru and other developing countries are to maintain steady growth. "In recent years, the development of China's sports goods industry is nearing its peak, so we have to find a new growth point." Third-mold chairman Tsai Du Yu said, not only that, the current downturn in the overall economic situation at the time, a third also take the initiative to go out, to set up factories in Indonesia. Thus, Indonesia and other foreign customers in the service, they will be more convenient.
Jinjiang City Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., general manager Su Yiyang Kaijia also busy recently, as have received a lot of foreign guests every day. "Most of the time, my day to receive guests four countries: Turkey, Peru, Vietnam, South Korea," Su Yiyang smiled and said that this year they are in the consolidation of the domestic market, but also will force foreign markets. Because the shoe industry ushered in many developing countries, the rapid development stage, which is China shoe machine industry ushered in a second spring. Currently, their machinery has been exported to over 10 countries and regions.
In addition to mold, shoes and other industries, as the sole enterprise - Heng Yi Shoes Co., Ltd. Jinjiang City also intends to increase this cooperation efforts and international brands. "There are a lot of foreign trade in the form of samples, we prefer direct cooperation and international brands, rather than the processing of international brand shoe and cooperation." Heng Yi Ding Siren Star general manager, said Yi Heng and domestic only 361 degrees, Erke, Jordan long cooperation, but also, and BSG, Sky Express and other foreign brands formed a partnership through cooperation and international brands, one can enhance their level on the other hand you can also get a more reasonable profit.
Although the proportion of foreign trade enterprises to increase, but there are still some companies cautious on foreign trade. "This time increase the proportion of foreign trade, I think the timing is not appropriate." Three plastic shoes Sheng Lin, general manager, said the current global economic environment overall downturn, coupled with the appreciation of the renminbi, China's exports is extremely unfavorable. He believes that there is a lot of space in the domestic market, so they are more fuss extends from the product, not shoe products, but also extends to other areas of the building materials, etc., in order to balance the overall development of the enterprise.
General Manager of Jinjiang City in Thailand Shoes Shoes Development Co. 许雄生 also said they still focus on this year's domestic market. In his opinion, shoe machine industry in the country still has more room for growth. Despite the market downturn this year, but also a lot of companies brewing precipitate a new round of development effort, and some companies have chosen to update the device, some companies develop more differentiated products, which bring greater development space for shoe machine industry they will take advantage of this opportunity.
Tai Cheong Shoes Co. vice president Lin Haibin also opposed the expansion of foreign trade at this ratio. "Sometimes we see others are seeing others scenery; while watching yourself, you are to see their difficulties," said Lin Haibin, look like domestic foreign trade than it is now, I feel there is room for each other; while watching the domestic foreign trade , and felt the domestic profit. In fact, both domestic or foreign trade has its own potential and difficulties, the key is that companies themselves should identify the location, rather than blindly.

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